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Pilatesstick® - The Pilates Workout for Any Space

Posted on 3-3-2016 by Mad Dogg Athletics

The Pilatesstick® is now available for purchase on the Peak Pilates® shop page!

What is Pilatesstick?

The Pilatesstick® is a professional grade portable body sculpting system that allows you to do much of the work usually reserved for the Cadillac and reformer just by anchoring it to a door frame. This tool also makes traditional mat Pilates exercises even more intense. This is ideal for studio or home use. The Pilatesstick Package is a kit made up of an exercise bar like the Cadillac’s roll down bar, a pair of foot straps, a Pilatesstick Mat, Online Exercise Library, Pilatesstick bag for storage, foam door anchor, and sleeved resistance tubing. The tubing attaches to the bag and acts like a sling, allowing the owner to carry it over their shoulder. The foam door anchor can be simply closed inside a door at any height desired. Just like the Cadillac, the higher it is, the more resistance there will be.

Benefits of the Pilatesstick

The Pilatesstick duplicates the work done on the Cadillac and reformer just by anchoring it to a door frame. It’s a way for instructors to reach out to new clients and a way for new students to give Pilates a try for a reasonable cost. Pilatesstick gives facilities the ability to offer more affordable Pilates classes and as a result, gain more clients. Pilatesstick was not designed to replace Pilates instructors or the traditional equipment, but to make Pilates training more accessible to everyone. The balance aspect of Pilatesstick adds a whole new twist to Pilates work. Experience the same exercises as you do on the larger machines, but with one end attached, the balance aspect completely enhances the experience. Pilatesstick exercises are not new exercises, they are Pilates equipment exercises/work. Pilatesstick works the same muscles as exercises done on the reformer or other Pilates equipment. Instructors can create full-body workouts for all of your clients' needs with the same piece of equipment.

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