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Get In Touch With Pilatesstick®

Posted on 9-3-2016 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Q&A with Pilatesstick® Creator, Charles Blount

Q: How did you first come up with the idea for Pilatesstick®?

A: I discovered Pilates after having worked with many neurological patients. Everything I was learning in the field of neuro kinesthetics, or self-awareness, was validating the work of Joseph Pilates. I wanted a tool to make this work more accessible to people than the more expensive Pilates equipment. After studying the equipment and its usage very closely, I developed an adaptable device to duplicate his work. The Pilatesstick® came together better than I ever could have imagined. It really represents Pilates well.

Q: Why is Pilatesstick such a useful tool for facilities to offer?

A: Pilatesstick gives facilities the ability to offer more affordable Pilates classes and as a result, more opportunity to gain clientele. Simply attach it to a wall mount or ballet bar and it’s ready to use. Many potential Pilates clients are scared off by the expense of the training and equipment. Some people consider Pilates an elite type of training just for celebrities or the wealthy, when in fact it is for everyone. Everyone should be doing Pilates and Pilatesstick is the answer.

Q: Why is Pilatesstick so great for consumers and instructors to have in their homes?

A: Pilatesstick is the missing link between the Pilates studio and the home. It’s a unique and affordable piece of portable equipment that can be used anywhere. It duplicates the work done on the Cadillac and reformer just by anchoring it to a door frame. It’s a way for instructors to reach out to new clients and a way for new students to give Pilates a try.

Q: How does Pilatesstick factor into the Pilates industry as a whole?

A: I believe that Pilatesstick can help Pilates enter a new level of acceptance by the general public. Pilates has increased categorically by almost 500% in the last eight years, according to IHRSA. We don’t have to create a market for Pilatesstick because the market is already there. Pilatesstick is not meant to replace Pilates instructors or the traditional equipment, but to make Pilates training more accessible to everyone, as it breaks down the barriers created by the expensive equipment and training. The goal of this tool is to encourage everyone to try Pilates. Once a person begins Pilates, they will want more, and the demand for Pilates will increase. After all, we are promoting authentic Pilates that can be done with Pilatesstick, not exercises that can only be done with Pilatesstick.

Q: What has the response been from the Pilates community?

A: I am shocked and pleased with the positive response Pilatesstick has received. I am not from a Pilates background, so I had to learn the industry. When I first created the Pilatesstick, I reached out to the largest names in the Pilates industry. From the classical practitioners who are one generation from Joseph Pilates, such as Kathy Corey and Peter Fiasca, to the celebrity users, like Daisy Fuentes and Megan Fox—everyone loved it, the idea behind it, and how easy to use it was. Pilatesstick has also received great reviews in publications, such as Pilates Style Magazine, Vogue and other industry publications.

Q: Where do you envision Pilatesstick in the next five years?

A: I am working with Peak Pilates® to create a program that will allow Pilates studios to partner with us as we promote Pilates to the masses. We have what studios need—inexpensive tools for class environments that will attract new Pilates clients. We are also working through new concepts to expand on this idea. In the next five years, I envision the majority of Pilates studios across the country and around the world offering Pilatesstick classes at an affordable price. Thus, more people will be enjoying the benefits of Pilates and we’ll see a big increase in industry revenue and sales.

Q: Why is Pilatesstick so fun? Why should I buy it?

A: The balance aspect of Pilatesstick adds a whole new twist to Pilates work. You get to experience the same exercises as you do on the larger equipment, but with one end attached, the balance aspect completely enhances the experience. We all love the bigger Pilates equipment, but you can’t take them on a plane or put them in a bag to take with you when you’re on the go!

Q: Which muscles does it work?

A: There are exercises for every body part, all while working core. It comes with a 45-minute full-body DVD that is easy to follow along. Remember, Pilatesstick exercises are not new exercises, they are Pilates equipment exercises/work. Pilatesstick works the same muscles as exercises done on the reformer or other Pilates equipment. The great thing about Pilatesstick is that you can create full-body workouts for 240 pound men and 90 pound women with the same tool.

A: Which Pilates and fitness exercises can be done with Pilatesstick?

A: Ninety percent of all machine work can be done with Pilatesstick. This is not a product that does only a handful of exercises. You are open to move without restriction with the perfect amount of resistance and a new element of balance. The best part is that you can do it anywhere!

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About The Author
Charles Blount

Charles Blount is an exercise physiologist with over twenty years of experience in the fitness field. As a personal trainer in the Los Angeles area, his clients have included royalty from all over the world, celebrities such as Megan Fox and several A list CEO's and Producers from Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley. In addition to personal training, Charles is also an award winning inventor and has been featured in television shows such as Building the Hollywood Body as well as a wide array of magazines including Vogue and Pilates Style. His products include Pilatesstick, a portable Pilates system, and Dashaway, a mobility device with a wide range of uses including rehabilitation and exercise for Parkinsons patients.  He is currently the president of Fitgadget inc which is based out of Elevation Fitness in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip and is working on several new projects, training clients and designing and equipping gyms.

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