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Studio Spotlight: Reform & Ride, Frisco, TX

Posted on 21-9-2017 by Mad Dogg Athletics

To reinforce the importance of cardiovascular health, we are spotlighting a sweet little studio in the heart of Texas that combines classical Pilates with the heart-pounding excitement of Spinning®!

This week, we looked at daily habits and strategies to keeps our hearts happy and healthy entering the fall season. The first and foremost means of improving our heart health is with a cardio routine. While we can break a sweat strengthening the powerhouse, Pilates is a process-oriented mind/body exercise designed to improve the mind/body. While the focus on breath can transport fresh oxygen to the heart, what can we do get a full cardio workout as well?

For Reform & Ride in Frisco, Texas, it means combining the classical Pilates instruction with the heart-pounding thrills of Spinning all in one place. This studio offers dozens of fusion classes, as well as other training apparatus like the rotational benefits of the CrossCore® and the fun balance training with Ugi®.

We spoke with Beverly Seitzinger, the owner of Reform & Ride, about her studio's philosophy and their emphasis on cardio workouts with classical Pilates training.

Q: Tell us about Reform & Ride and what got you started in Pilates.

A: I became a certified personal trainer in 1996, but it was four years before I tried my first Pilates mat class. As a personal trainer, I thought I was “strong,” but the class was so challenging. I couldn’t figure out how my instructor was able to flow through the workout so effortlessly. I wanted to learn more about Pilates and even thought about getting certified but the timing wasn’t right. Fast-forward to 2010, when the gym where I was a Personal Trainer was offering a discount for Peak Pilates® training. I quickly signed up. Even though I had taken mat classes and only one reformer class, I was eager to learn the Pilates technique.

Q: What motivated you to combine Pilates and Spinning® in one studio?

A: I opened my first Pilates studio in 2012. Classes included classical reformer, multi-equipment classes utilizing the tower, chair and Cadillac as well as suspended bodyweight training tools. But soon I realized that my current offerings weren’t addressing the cardio component of a balanced fitness regime. Reform & Ride was created to encompass strength, cardio, flexibility and mind/body, all the essential components of fitness.

Q: How does combining cardio fitness like Spinning® with classical Pilates benefit your students?

A: Spinning is a great complement to Pilates and vice versa because both rely on the core for efficiency of movement, are low impact, and are adaptable to the majority of participants. Our signature Spinning classes, named Reform & Ride, includes 30 minutes of Spinning followed by 30 minutes of mat Pilates. It's a crowd favorite!

Q: What is the most popular Pilates class your studio offers?

A: That would be a tie between Pilates 101 (our introductory class for mat and reformer) and Pilates Level I and II.

Q: What is your favorite Pilates class to teach, or your favorite apparatus to teach on?

A: Reformer is by far my favorite apparatus. Its versatility allows virtually everyone the opportunity to improve their strength, flexibility & quality of movement. I believe some of the most rewarding work is performed during the transitions that challenge the endurance of the work.

Q: Why did you choose Peak Pilates® equipment for your club?

A: I’ve had the opportunity to workout on a variety of Pilates equipment and have always been impressed with Peak. So when it came time to choose equipment for my new studio, not only did I choose a full complement of Peak Pilates’ state-of-the-art equipment, I chose Mad Dogg for their Spinner® bikes, CrossCore and Ugi equipment. They really do build the most durable equipment available.

Q: In your opinion, what makes Peak Pilates® equipment special?

A: I’ve had the pleasure of working out on new and older wood line of Peak equipment. And other than a few nicks in the wood, I couldn’t tell the difference in the performance. I also appreciate the fact that Peak Pilates listened to the feedback it received from its senior team of Peak Pilates Master Instructors in the design of the Afina™ reformers. It clearly made a difference in the feel and functionality of the reformer.

Q: What kind of clients does Reform & Ride serve?

A: Our clientele seeks a warm, friendly and supportive community, a beautiful environment, individualized attention by talented instructors, and small class sizes where they won’t get lost in the crowd. Those are our goals for anyone walking through our doors.

Q: What is Reform & Ride's “secret sauce” that keeps your customers coming back for more?

A: Like all great recipes, it’s the perfect combination of ingredients: It starts with our instructors. Not only do they know the names of every member in their class, they are able to personally coach each one so they get the most out of their workout. The moment you walk through the front door, you are greeted by name by our friendly front desk staff. They will even schedule all your appointments and classes for you if you wish. From our state-of-the-art fully equipped Pilates, Spinning and Group Fitness studio, to our sparkling clean restrooms and showers, Reform & Ride is the premier boutique studio that is passionate about delivering the highest quality instruction in a beautiful environment while helping you reach all your heath and fitness goals.

Q: Do you have any fun ways to engage the local community in Frisco, Texas?

A: We regularly participate in area wellness fairs as well as supporting local charities such as Emily’s Place, a transformational housing ministry for victims of domestic violence.

This article was contributed by Greg Mantell, Director of Content Management – Mad Dogg Athletics.

Reform and Ride

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