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Studio Spotlight: Pilates ONE, Seoul, South Korea

Posted on 5-9-2019 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Master Instructor Jung-Eun Oh combines education and inspiration by opening a brand new Peak Pilates Education Center just one floor below her facility. Hear from Jung-Eun as she describes her journey and the philosophy behind Pilates ONE.

Q: Tell us about Pilates ONE. How did your studio get started?

A: The “ONE” in our studio’s name is has many wonderful meanings. It means “a wish” in Korean, “the best” in Chinese, and the number 1 in English. We chose this name because the purpose of Pilates ONE is to be the best Peak Pilates® Education Center for those who wish to become well-trained and qualified Peak Pilates® instructors.

When I had decided to become a Peak Pilates MI, I was having a difficult time finding places to practice freely. Renting space was almost impossible due to the high cost of rent and other circumstances. Even though I very much enjoyed workout and wished to study and practice as much as I could, reality was not so friendly at the time.

I have been working as a co-CEO of IN Pilates, which is a classical Pilates studio opened in 2014. Though I had started working as a senior instructor at IN Pilates, I became a Peak Pilates MI in 2018, and my business partner and I were able to open Pilates ONE as an Education Center in 2019. When we were making plans to open, my business partner and I have been talking a lot about what would make our Education Center special and differentiate from others. After many long and hard discussions, we came to a conclusion that we would set up Pilates ONE as a separate space from IN Pilates so that it could be fully dedicated to serving students in training so that they could focus on studying, training and/or practicing without any worries.

Pilates One

Therefore, our facility uses two floors. The 5th floor is IN Pilates, where clients can come and work out with instructors. The 4th floor is Pilates ONE, where all teacher training programs are held and students can come in to study and workout any time they wish.

Q: How did you begin your Pilates journey? What was your path toward becoming a Peak Pilates® MI?

A: I started my Pilates journey in 2006. I was in bad health, but as I started to practice Pilates and know more of the order, I was able to make better movements. I slowly but surely fell in love with Pilates because it not only changed my body, but it also gave me greater strength and energy in my life overall. I wanted to share my wonderful and amazing experiences in Pilates to other people, but I did not know exactly how. I found the answer when I met Zoey Trap at MVe® camp in Bangkok in November 2013. After that camp, my life has changed once again. As I went through all three levels of the Comprehensive program, I was able to understand Peak’s training system much better and it made me to have a stronger faith in the Peak system.

Q: What kind of clients do you serve at Pilates ONE?

A: We are located in North West side of Seoul near the Hapjung subway station, which has a three university campuses nearby. It is quite famous for being a cool area to hang out in Seoul for young people, so most of our clients are female office workers, aging from their 20s to their 50s. But nowadays, we are seeing an increased number of male clients as well.

Q: What is the most popular Pilates class that your studio offers?

A: One of the most popular Pilates classes at our studio is “fundamentals.” This is designed for first-time or beginner clients in order for them to understand and practice breathing techniques and basic Pilates movements. We believe this class is very good for both beginner clients and instructors. It is important for our clients to learn how to focus on their own breath and body so that we can prevent unwanted injuries and thus can enjoy class more. We are very happy that our new clients appreciate and enjoy this class.

Q: What is your favorite Pilates class to teach? What is your favorite apparatus to teach on?

A: I like to teach mat classes the most because they demonstrate to me exactly where my student’s or client’s weaknesses are and where I can make that my purpose of teaching that person. Even though most of our clients came to the studio to improve their health, as time goes by, they become more interested and actively engaged in upgrading to intermediate and advanced exercises. Occasionally, clients become students in my teacher training programs.

My favorite apparatus for teaching is chair because it makes you feel your powerhouse more and more, and it is quite challenging to teach on. I also love to work out on chair myself because it not only makes me sweat a lot but also feel a sense of humility with Pilates.

Pilates One Group Class

Q: Why did you choose Peak Pilates® equipment for your club?

A: Since Pilates ONE is a Peak Pilates® Education Center, we would not think of having any other equipment. We like our students to become experts in using apparatus designed by Peak Pilates® because it combines classical standards with modern technology. We hope our students finish their training and continue to use Peak’s apparatus when they become instructors themselves.

We personally like the PPS because it can change into as many different setups as we need for various exercises in one class. We also like its great space efficiency. When we hold workshops, we can fold our eight PPSs and put them aside in order to make enough room for mats or chairs or mats on the floor. Their versatility is really great!

Q: In your opinion, what makes Peak Pilates® equipment special?

A: Although it has been nearly a century since Joseph Pilates invented his first reformer, I think Peak Pilates® equipment is special because while it still adheres to classical Pilates design. It continues to make them safer and more practical for everybody to use.

My clients especially like the springs on PPS. They all say that those springs are strong but very supportive so that they can feel their powerhouses better. I personally am very satisfied with the safety measures and conveniences of the equipment, such as stopper and gears.

Q: Autumn is fast approaching. Do you have any special events planned at The Good Space in the coming months?

A: Chuseok – the Korean Thanksgiving holiday – is coming in September, and we are preparing for the sale of gift cards to our current clients in order to introduce Pilates and our studios to their close friends and relatives during the holidays. We wish more people can experience classical Pilates at our studio and discover this fun, enjoyable and heathy way to take care of our bodies, minds and spirits.

We also plan to hold an open house in November for those who wish to become classical Pilates instructors. We will introduce Peak Pilates® Comprehensive program, explain what they need to do to become a Peak Pilates® instructors, and host question-and-answer sessions.

Pilates One Equipement

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