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A Preview of the Peak Pilates® Sessions at PMA 2019

Posted on 5-9-2019 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Peak Pilates® is a proud presenter at this year’s PMA annual meeting in Monterey, California. Look for sessions led by Master Instructors Zoey Trap and Jamie Isaac, as well as new equipment at the Peak Pilates® booth.

Here are the sessions that Peak Pilates® MIs will be leading at PMA 2019.

Pilates for the Overweight and Obese

Presented by Zoey Trap (October 25 from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm)

Pilates is for everybody! As we look at the changes in the way our society lives we can see the need to think beyond body beautiful. We have a growing obesity problem that crosses all generations. Learn essential factors in adapting Pilates for larger clients. Discover how to put the overweight person in an advantageous physical position in relationship to gravity and to provide support with Pilates apparatus, props, touch, and encouragement. Students that feel better move more! Be part of the solution. (2 CECs)

Pilates in Paradise: Planning Your Perfect Pilates Retreat

Presented by Jamie Isaac (October 25 from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm)

Increase your income, travel to exotic destinations and strengthen your relationship with your students.?This fun and interactive workshop will give you the tools to ensure your retreat is a success, both physically and financially. Discover how to create a successful retreat offering that is authentic to you, and energetically sustainable. (2 CECs)

When you are at PMA 2019, don’t forget to stop by the Peak Pilates® book. Enter a drawing for a free Flexcushion and take advantage of show specials on demo equipment and on accessories for sale. And try out our newly designed Wunda Chair and stackable spine corrector!

Save the date for PES!

PMA isn’t the only place to experience these sessions. Zoey and Jamie will also be presenting these sessions at Pilates Empowerment Summit (PES) in 2020! Save the dates: pre-cons are May 28th, the convention is May 29th and 30th, and the post-cons are May 31st.

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