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Sanna-Maria Hellsten, Peak Pilates® Master Instructor | Finland

Sanna-Maria Hellsten, Peak Pilates® Master Instructor | Finland
Posted on 26-11-2022 by Mad Dogg Athletics
My name is Sanna-Maria Hellsten and I took over the Master Instructor role in Finland in early 2021. I’ve been teaching Pilates for a while now and my beautiful Pilates studio PilatesM, which now acts as the educational center in Finland, opened in the spring of 2019 in Turku. Like most Finns, I’ve been doing mat Pilates for over ten years already but the Pilates I knew, in the beginning, was those huge group classes in some fitness center, working out your abs and breathing in a difficult way. And of course, only for women. Still, Pilates totally stole my heart and the obsession just grew when I found the classical world, smaller and more individual training and of course, the Pilates apparatus.

My first touch with the fitness industry was as a gym instructor but at some point, there was too much going on (studies, two jobs, busy student life…) that my body was too stressed to handle tough gym workouts so I decided to focus more on Pilates which made me feel good, energized and strong. And when I graduated from the university, I needed a new project, so I decided to educate myself as a Pilates instructor and take my practice to a totally new level. At that point, I didn’t even know that there are different Pilates schools, honestly, I just googled and Peak Pilates® Mat Instructor -course was the first one starting so I joined that one. And how lucky I was to join that specific course which led me to the classical Pilates world, all the way to the Netherlands to start my own comprehensive training and in the end, leave my day job as a tax consultant and create a new, fulfilling career within Pilates.

As a Master Instructor, I want to bring to life the Peak Pilates -community in Finland and find new Pilates superstars to share the beauty of classical Pilates and Peak Pilates’ powerful teaching method as widely as possible. I will work as your guide, coach, cheerleader, and shoulder to cry on, whatever you need to become a successful Pilates teacher so don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in Pilates teacher trainings in Finland!
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