Peak Pilates® Trainings and Workshops

We offer a variety of continuing education courses and workshops at Peak Pilates® sponsored events and industry conferences. Peak Pilates® continuing education trainings and workshops are open to all Pilates professionals as well as individuals who would like to advance their classical Pilates practice. Peak Pilates® Certified Instructors earn continuing education credits (CECs), which count towards the 14 CECs required to renew certification.

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Single Day Workshops

Peak Pilates® Lengthen and Strengthen with Elastic Bands
3 CECs / 3 hours

Unleash your inner strength in this fluid elastic band workout. Learn to use the elastic bands to mimic the springs on the apparatus, assist and support movement, develop length and opposition, and find a strong heel to seat connection. Challenge your students with unique variations for mat exercises without sacrificing flow. If you are looking for something new for your students, this is it!

Peak Pilates® Power Circle
3 CECs / 3 hours

Learn how to use the Power Circle to enhance your private sessions and classes. Understand how to access the Powerhouse, improve initiation and execution, heighten the connection to centerline and develop more stability. Exact placement of the Power Circle will be covered for each mat exercise, as well as progressions and transitions.

Peak Pilates® Fundamentals
4 CECs / 4 hours

Pilates fundamentals provide the tools you need to help students develop and improve powerful movement patterns. Fundamental movements are critical for motor learning and developing a solid kinesthetic foundation. Fundamental exercises are sophisticated, powerful tools that can be used to evaluate and re-educate movement. Learn a well-rounded approach to using Pilates fundamentals effectively in your teaching without sacrificing flow.

Peak Pilates® Props Shop
4 CECs / 4 hours (Available as a 6-hour workshop, too)

Set up shop and gain new skills to increase support, resistance and proprioceptive feedback and help your mat students understand and get more out of their workout. Don’t just grab any old prop—develop a thought process that will help you to decide why to choose which prop, how to use them to full advantage, and how to work with flow. Balls, bands, circles, rings and more!

Peak Pilates® Jump Intervals
4 CECs / 4 hours

Maximize your propulsion power with a program designed to burn calories, challenge your cardiovascular system, and improve jump alignment and athletic performance. Learn how to teach a class that offers a challenging variation that is not just fun for athletes but for all fitness participants.

Peak Pilates® Level II Preparation
5 CECs / 5 hours

Level II Preparation is a workshop designed to help you prepare and think ahead for the Peak Pilates® Level II Certification. Review Level I exercises and the 5-Part Formula, discuss real-life teaching scenarios and preview Level II exercises. This workshop will give you a head start on the next step so you can realize your strengths and areas that need work before attending Level II.

Peak Pilates® Level III Preparation
5 CECs / 5 hours

Level III Preparation is a workshop designed to help you prepare and think ahead for Peak Pilates® Level III and Full Comprehensive Certification assessments. Review Level II exercises, refine transitions and teaching techniques, and preview Level III exercises. This workshop will give you a head start and provide just what you need to prepare by helping you focus on Level III objectives.

Peak Pilates® Totally Tower
8 CECs / 8 hours

Gain an intelligent approach to the tower that makes it totally terrific! Learn pre-choreographed blocks that can be mixed and matched for a variety of class formats that will inspire your students to higher levels of fitness. Take your students from a beginning level of tower all the way up to advanced challenges.

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