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The MVe® Chair - Classically Designed for Every Setting

Posted on 21-9-2016 by Mad Dogg Athletics


"I love that I can stay true to classical pilates and offer new challenges to my student's routines by teaching MVe® Classes"

- Sonia Rodriguez from the Pilates Center in El Paso, Texas

The Peak Pilates MVe® Chair is often considered one of the most functional, sturdy and efficient pieces of fitness equipment available in the fitness industry. The ample amount of Pilates practitioners who use it as a staple of their programs is a testament to its universal appeal and professional-grade quality. It combines durability, practicality and functionality, allowing you to perform a full-body workout in practically any setting.

While the areas you could use the MVe Chair would be near impossible to count, here are a few of the more common areas it’s put to use.

Home Sweet Home

Sure you can go to the studio for an instructor-led program, but life can get hectic, and it is important to know you do not have to stress yourself out maneuvering your schedule to make your classes on time. The MVe Chair’s design is for formal classes and home workouts alike, so whether you are at home watching over the children, catching a few rays of sunshine or you are just being a homebody for the day, you will not have to miss a single workout.


The incredibly light and mobile MVe chair was built for portability and is a perfect piece of equipment to utilize practically anywhere at any time. Whether in your home gym, local studio or at the neighborhood park, a change in scenery can introduce some intriguing variations to your regular practice. You can even try rebooting your morning routine by taking your MVe chair outdoors for a challenging core sequence as the sun rises on your day. Start the day by warming up your “powerhouse” on an apparatus other than the reformer. Performing different variations of “The Hundred” and other fundamental exercises on the chair is an excellent way to strengthen your core.

The Studio

If you are looking for a quick, easy and highly-engaging class to add variety to your studio experience, the recently launched Peak Pilates MVe Chair Studio Package might be just the answer! The all-inclusive MVe Chair Studio Package includes multiple MVe Chairs (6 or 10 pack options) and specialized Peak Pilates educational content giving you the tools and knowledge to become a master of the MVe Chair.

Interested in learning more about The MVe Chair? Click here.

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