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What Makes Peak Pilates® Teaching & Technique Unique?

Posted on 18-1-2017 by Mad Dogg Athletics

For some instructors, it only takes one training course for them to see why Peak Pilates® education is so remarkable. For Emily Brouillard, a week-long video shoot at Peak Pilates headquarters was more than enough to make her fall in love with the program and its core values.

Emily, a Pilates Instructor from Southern California, spent four days on-set with the Peak Pilates video productions team and the Peak Pilates Master Instructor (MI) team to shoot educational video footage. Emily played the role of a student, where she worked alongside Peak Pilates MI Zoey Trap. After a few days of practicing side-by-side with Zoey, Emily received an introduction to the Peak Pilates teaching methodology and became enamored with the program’s emphasis on classical instructions, so much so that she decided to set her sights on becoming a Peak Pilates MI!

We sat down with Emily at the end of the shoot to delve further into her experience, and what she took away from it.

What have you found to be most authentic about Peak Pilates?

Emily: What I find that is different about Peak Pilates is they really zone in on what matters. Instead of getting caught up in superfluous choreography or personal adjustments, the trainers really emphasize where each movement comes from within the body. This attention to detail really drives home how to execute the movements. And more importantly, the overall focus on learning the body has helped me figure out how each movement makes sense for MY BODY.

What have you noticed about the Peak Pilates teaching methodology?

Emily: What I like about the Peak Pilates teaching methodology is the structure and order behind the actual way you teach each movement. When I was working with Zoey, I noticed she really took the time to set up each movement, from the body and equipment set up to a safe execution of the entire exercise. The very uniform way of explaining exercises helps my mind organize everything, so I am actually ready to go right into the movement.

How has Peak Pilates adherence to classical rhythms affected your experience?

Emily: Working with the classical rhythms that are encouraged and enforced by Peak have pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. They force me to move a bit faster and keep that energetic enthusiasm to the work, which is what really gives you that great workout. The rhythms definitely help in bringing that physicality to Pilates. Some people think Pilates is just fancy stretching, but that is not how the method was designed. I love how Peak brings it back home so that Pilates is a workout!

What made you want to take the big leap and become a Peak Pilates Master Instructor?

Emily: I have been doing Pilates for quite some time, but I haven’t found that extra attention to detail. I want to become a Master Instructor with Peak Pilates because I find that it gives me that something I have been lacking in my other trainings. Peak has helped me feel the classical movements within my own body and has shown me how to teach that to someone else as well. Peak Pilates gives you the tools to teach others and really become an exceptional instructor.

What started as a stand-in job turned into a great learning experience and a new friendship for Emily and Zoey. It only takes one meeting, whether it be a training, an event, a conference or a video shoot for instructors and students to see what makes Peak Pilates education so special.

This article was contributed by Julianne Coch, Peak Pilates Brand Manager.

To learn more about Peak Pilates education and find upcoming training opportunities, click the link below.

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