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Peak Pilates Classical Comprehensive Educational Updates!

Posted on 17-7-2020 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Great changes are ahead as we look forward to our new educational platform and subsequent program updates. First and foremost – the revised comprehensive program! Peak Pilates Classical Education (PPC) is getting a huge overhaul.  The creation of the new program has been a few years in the making and we are eager for launch. What can you expect?

Online Study:  A new requirement of the PPC program is the inclusion of a 4-week online home study, which preceeds the 2-day live training modules.

Asset Expansion: We have been experimenting and testing different assets and holding focus groups for the last five years. As a result, we’ve homed in on new ways to supplement your learning. Here are the highlights found in each program:

  • Study Guide: The Study Guide is your master plan for success. It contains the assignments and reflections for each module. It also provides suggestions for teaching and technique practice.
  • Exercise Reference Guide: Exercise lists and exercise pages are all concisely contained for your reference and note taking.
  • Exercise Library: Each exercise now has a video describing setup, execution, precision points, common errors, teaching tips, touches, and transitions. These videos take the guesswork out of learning the technique.
  • Workout Videos: You asked and we listened! Each level includes not only a mat workout but a full session workout!
  • Audio Workout Support: Need help practicing? Put your earphones in and get to work. We have audio support workouts for mat, reformer, Cadillac, chair, barrels, and endings to supplement your classes, lessons and self-practice.
  • Audio Tutorials: Listen and learn. Hear important considerations for topics such as special populations, progression and teaching.
  • Narrated PowerPoint Presentations: Course Overviews, Anatomy, Building Blocks, Progressions, and Teaching to Special Populations are among the topics covered. You can review these at any point!
  • PDFs: The old manual was bulky and cumbersome. It hasbeen revised into a series of PDFs which correspond to Study Guide assignments. You may print them if you wish, but you certainly don’t have to.
  • Quizzes: It’s nice to know you have a short quiz at the end of each week to track progress.
  • Practice Test: This test will give you a sense of the type of questions, and the scope of the questions, contained on the actual online theoretical exam.

Module Changes: With all of these new assets and enhanced platform capabilities, we have shortened the live training modules from 2.5 days to 2 days. (Over the years we have had many requests for 2 days as this allows enrollees to take less time away from work.)

Exercise List Revisions:  Our PPC program originally began as the PPS (Peak Pilates Systems) program that included mat, reformer, tower, and some endings. In order to become recognized as comprehensive, you were required to take four additional courses: Chair I & II and Barrel I & II. Then we created PPC, which  combines all apparatus in its curriculum. Now we are going a step further to revise and fully integrate the exercise lists. The biggest change you will find is to the Part C Exercises, which now make much more sense in terms of progression.

Other Changes: We have increased teaching tools for Special Populations. Now you’ll learn how to work with progression and props-use for real-life teaching.

We look forward to launching this new platform and moving into the future with what we consider to be the most robust classical education ever created! Look for our launch no later than September 20!

If you are a part way through your pathway, don’t worry – we have a plan for you! If you are already a Peak Pilates graduate and wish to benefit from the new assets, watch for them as online CECs!

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